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Noise Reduction for

AI Audio Enhancer

Automatically remove background noise from the audio and video file,
and enhance the audio quality of your recordings with the AI-powered
background noise removal online.

Remove background noise from audio Noise Reducer Remove background noise from audio Noise Reducer Remove background noise from audio Noise Reducer on mobile

Get Rid of Background Noise with a Single Click

Using online AI Noise Reducer, you can smoothly get rid of the background noise to produce studio-quality sound in just a few seconds.
Play the demos below to hear the differences and check the background noise removal results.

Speech Enhancement
Wind noise
Reverb noise
Click noise
Hiss noise
audio play line background
audio play line

Maximize Your Experience on Desktop Version

Unlock a richer experience with our desktop noise reducer and discover the superior advantages it offers over the online version.
Dive in and elevate your audio journey by using our audio cleaner software now.

Stable performance

Stable performance

Enjoy better performance and rarely experience crashes.

Quick file uploads

Quick file uploads

Get swift and efficient uploading of big files on desktop version.

Smooth processing

Smooth processing

Fewer restrictions on file size and format behind local processing.

Network resilience

Network resilience

Experience minimal impact from network factors.

How to Reduce Background Noise?

step 1 of reducing background noise: import file
step 1 icon
Import File

Click the Upload button to import audio and video files straight to the online AI-based noise reducer app. From MP3 to MP4, we've got you covered.

step 2 of reducing background noise: remove noise
step 2 icon
step 2 icon
Remove Noise

Choose the type of noise you want to remove from the noise list, and then click the Reduce Noise Now button to clean the audio noise in no time.

step 3 of reducing background noise: remove noise: download
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Download Denoised File

After the background noise reduction is completed, preview the result and click the Download button to save the file in MP3 format.

Elevate Your Content Creations with
Noise Reduction

Instantly enhance your voice quality and remove ambient background noise, drums, fan noise, tapping, traffic noise, and other noise sounds that
distract from your audio, videos, or screen recordings.

remove background noise for podcast


Minimize and eliminate the ambient noise, the electric current sound of the recording equipment, the hissing noise, traffic noise, air conditioner noise, or any unwanted noise from the voiceover for your podcast.

Reduce street noise, machine noise, and household noise such as door slamming, baby crying, and renovation noise when creating online course videos or recording lives, webinars, seminars, and online meetings.

Remove all noise other than human voices to enhance human speech in your street interview or a user interview, and enhance voice clarity for fast speech deciphering.

Make your travel vlog video looks more professional by reducing and eliminating the noisy ambient sound such as wind and traffic noise, whether you're using a mobile phone or camera without professional audio equipment.

Remove the background noise in your recorded meeting video and audio, such as typing, closing a door, room echo, or the sounds of a nearby construction site, and retain the crisp meeting call recordings.

Why Noise Reducer?

Reduce Different Types of Noise
Reduce Different Types of Noise

Any background noise (wind, rain, traffic, static, keyboard clicks, fans, etc.) can be easily removed.

Wide Support for Format
Wide Support for Format

Support dozens of audio and video input formats, no waiting to get denoised files in MP3 format from WAV, MP4, or M4A file.

Reduce Noise with High Fidelity
Reduce Noise with High Fidelity

No damage to vocals and background music when removing the noise, making your audio remains clean and crystal-clear for your listeners.

Remove Bg Noise Online Easily
Remove Bg Noise Online Easily

Effortlessly get clean audio in a single click—no more software downloading and learning curves.

FAQ part

Frequently Asked Questions about
Noise Reduction

1. What kind of noise can I remove using the online Noise Reducer? online Noise Reducer supports 30+ types of noise removal. For example, you can remove the traffic noise, wind noise, baby crying, phone ringing, door slamming, or chatter from other people. One of the best parts is that you can remove all background noise except the voice in the file and enhance the speech automatically.

Yes, you can. online noise reducer supports 20+ audio and video formats, including the most popular MP3, WAV, M4A, MP4, MOV, and MKV.

Yes, online background noise removal app provides an unlimited free trial for all registered users to remove background noise. You can check the audio result before downloading it, and the first download is free of charge.

Using online Noise Reduction app, you can remove background noise from audio and video files online in a few clicks. All you need to do is upload your file, choose the noise types you want to remove, and the Noise Reducer will do the rest.

At the time of writing, the maximum audio and video size that you can upload to Noise Reducer is limited to 2GB.

This service is exactly what I needed! I had a lot of background noise in my audio and video recordings, and this service completely removed it automatically.

Grace Patterson

This service is amazing! It's so easy to use and it reduces the background noise from my audio and video. I've used it on a few videos and the difference is really noticeable. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their audio/video quality.

Jessica Lange

I've been using for a while now to remove background noise from my audio and video recordings, and I'm very happy with the results. I highly recommend to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, effective noise reducer.

Judy Kuhn

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